Publication and Procrastination

Already today I’ve surprised myself in that I’ve completed a number of decidedly ‘mature’* activities: paid my council tax, tidied** my parents’ house and filled in pen-pushing activity for the soon to be defunct General Teaching Council (England).

Perusal of earlier entries of this blog should suggest just why this is such a surprise to me. My motto seemed to used to be, “I’ll do it later.” Now it appears to be more like, “Well, I might as well do it now.” Aside from the concerns that I am yet becoming more like my father, in itself this is a surprising revelation.

It is not without its benefits though. I am now a full time teacher, and as the probationary activity is all measured ‘on the job’, this is the first Christmas break where I haven’t had to write an essay. Now that I don’t have to do anything, I am aware that it’s difficult to do anything that I could.

I plan to do a number of things with this holiday. The first is to create a working setlist for my forthcoming summer World Tour of London (Open Mic Nights); the second is to write a horror story, since I came up with a brilliantly bizarre title.

The title is ‘The Trees (That Bled Blood)’, which immediately calls forth ideas of a bad B movie. Originally, I had imagined that I would write such a piece: a parody of horror tropes in much the same manner as House of the Dead: Overkill. However, the more its plot distills in my head, the darker it becomes, the more it echoes classic horror cinema of Romero and King.

So I have set myself a task. This tale will be dark, but it’ll be accessible in a manner that much of my writing is not. So much so, that it will be published. At the moment, I’m not sure exactly how that will happen, but I know that I intend for it to occur.

Therefore, my story needs be longer than they usually are, and probably needs more defined characters. I am aiming at five thousand words for the tale.

Since most of my fiction tends towards flash, this will require more self discipline than I’m used to. Nevertheless, my girlfriend is excited by my goals and plans to keep driving me to make sure I don’t just procrastinate.

And if today is anything to go by, I might just manage it.

* As in, emotionally mature, not agéd.

** Struggling with the correct conjugation of what is a surprisingly tricky verb. Talk about not being tidy in itself.

Publication and Procrastination

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