Authorial Meetings

And so it was said that on the twenty seventh day of the first month in the year before Ragnarok,* our intrepid heroes did chance upon the wise sage Abercrombie upon a Forbidden Planet, and here they were well met. Each received a weighty tome, marked with the sign of the sage, and they dids’t carry this tome to a nearby alehouse where they quaffed much ale and ate much pie.

Or so it will be. Tonight, my good friend Jack and I are prefacing our continued #pubquest by going to Forbidden Planet, where Joe Abercrombie will be signing copies of his new book.

I’ve yet to read any of his old books, but they come highly praised (especially by Jack himself), and so I am looking forward to meeting the man that pens these tales. Indeed, it might even shunt me into writing more fantasy too.

I shall regale you with my musings on the matter after the event.

Alternatively, you might come along too and meet my good self, and meet this wizened sage also.

* So, the Mayan’s predicted the apocalypse in 2012. Noone specified whose apocalyptic vision was correct – so I’m taking my vote with Nordic. Indeed, this year I’m writing an epic poem about the man who causes Ragnarok; his name is Irgard, and expect more of him in the future. Until that future ends.

Authorial Meetings

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