Authorial Meetings (2)

Last night saw the bawdy rogue Jack the Rogue and myself attend the launch signing of Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes.

We arrived shortly after six, and entered a mass of threescore folk waiting to see the awaited man. He arrived (well, entered) shortly after us and was ushered to a central positioning, while we were ushered round a bookcase to a location with a much better view.

He gave a short speech, often joking at his desire for us to buy rather than necessarily read his books, a reading and a short question session. The whole thing was presided over by an aged man in glasses and an ill-fitting branded shirt that publicised the signing tour we were attending.

And then we waited. In a queue.

I wonder how much authors enjoy these events. I wonder if they see them as a great way to see their audience (and readers new, such as myself – the read extract guaranteed my sale), or as a hassle of the publicity monster – a trial to be endured until the writibf process restarts the cycle. I wonder if authors see more bizarre and humorous conversations as mine (who requested the book be signed to the meadmaster – which he misspelled to suit his canon) as a breath of fresh air in otherwise repetitive motions, or as a further trial to survive!

I suspect the latter.

(On another note, Abercrombie recommended a fantasy pub for our #pubquest. It was let down solely by its music, but we loved the look of Waxy o’Connor’s.)

Authorial Meetings (2)

3 thoughts on “Authorial Meetings (2)

    1. archaism says:

      Indeed, who knows? Despite my alternate profession as mindreader, I didn’t necessarily pick up on anything in particular this time!

      Nonetheless, I love how the narration in the novel shifts so as to give us insights into the heads of these strange author’s peoples.

  1. Jack says:

    They are a strange bunch. Especially those strange writers from the frozen north. I hear they sometimes beat chavs with wood.

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