World Book Day

First of all, another confession. I teach English (lang and lit) in a Newham secondary school, and yet until I read the tweets celebrating World Book Day this morning, I hadn’t realised it was today. What this says about the current state of reading’s importance in the National Curriculum is telling, but this is a topic for another blog.

This WBD* finds me thinking of novel-writing.

The Trees (That Bled Blood) is in its final stages of development (with especial thanks to Will from Spooky Reads for his lengthy feedback), and aside from the steampunk project, I’m turning my mind to the future and later prospects.

In the last year of my degree, I completed a course called Writing the Novel. Aside from often calling it Wiring the Navel, the major recollection I have is of my enjoyment at telling aspects of a larger story. (My tutor was a man called Christian DeFeo, whose blog you should read and whose book I should.) No complete novel came from the course, but I did write aspects of a novel set in a science-fantasy world of my creation and another called Uzi Gellar, Psychic Commando, and the Zombie Apocalypse.

While I imagine that I would like to write a novel in the future, I’m not sure that I have the time at the moment to consider it. I’m not sure I have the story.

And I’m not sure I know how I’m going to find out these answers.

* World Book Day, surely?**

**Unless I meant Wise Big Dog / Dragon.

World Book Day

2 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. I’ve always had the opinion that a novel is basically writing about life (either yours or an imaginary one). And we all know that to write about life you have to live one first. This sounds like an opportunity for a roadtrip…

    1. archaism says:

      I would agree with you. I think this is the major difference between the short story (which I’m currently writing) and the novel – the former often tells of an instance, the latter of development. Essentially, it’s a matter of scope.

      And any excuse for a roadtrip has to be taken!

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