Anticipation… Over?

As I wrote yesterday, I have been waiting eagerly for my copies of the new Nightjar chapbooks since the weekend. Today at lunch, I went to my pigeon hole, and what did I find there?


I let the moment wait a while as I secured myself a comfortable chair and a drink. Then I opened the envelope.


The books themselves are beautiful and well presented. My copy of Field is numbered 180 of 200, and my copy of Lexicon is numbered 43 of 200. I wonder if they are disseminated in number order.

So now, the major anticipation is over. The minor anticipation remains – to actually read them. (Or am I really most looking forward to reading them over having recieved them? I am not sure.)

I shall let you know what I think.

Anticipation… Over?

2 thoughts on “Anticipation… Over?

  1. I love this 🙂 I recently ordered a back copy of McSweeneys to be delivered to me at work and the whole process- the anticipation, the recieving, and the reading- was super exciting. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

    (On a slightly unrelated note, leaving this comment made me attempt to find the print run of the quarterly and I came across the following: “McSweeney’s Quarterly is deliciously tactile”. New favourite phrase ever? I think so.

  2. archaism says:

    Delicious tactility is definitely something I shall have to explore further!

    There’s something great, though, about waiting in this culture of instant gratification. It’s why I quite enjoy queueing.

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