Last night, I decided that I was going to write a novel.

The temptation has always been floating at the back of my mind, hinted towards by the interesting idea of National Novel Writing Month and my previous thoughts on the matter. However, the major argument against has always been that I’m not sure what I’d write about.

That changed last night.

A story has been kicking around in my head for a number of years – originally intented to become an epic poem or something of the sort, or at least a short story. Last night I realised that the story is large enough to be able to fill a novel: in fact, the added space and need would enlarge the story interestingly.

The story tells of a man named Irgard, who bemoans that his father favours his brother. To this end, he allows his brother to be killed in battle and then kills his father who, it transpires, is one of Odin’s selected warriors to fight beside him at Ragnarok. As the valkyries come to take his father’s soul, Irgard is cast down to Nifleim, where he slays the dragon Nidhogg and eventually leads the Frost Giants in the war against the gods which brings about the end of the world.


Okay, so it’s quite a large story.

Since deciding I’m going to turn it into a novel, though, ideas have been crystallising in my head. Points and ideas at the beginning have been developed, and more internal logics are slotting together.

My major question is now, when to start it? I’ve been reading through this guide on finishing a novel, so I suppose I should finish the Trees first.

But do I wait until NaNoWriMo to start this? Or do I start it sooner?


7 thoughts on “Novelty

  1. Stina says:

    I guess it depends on how much of ‘Trees’ you’ve written. I’ve started writing a thematically linked collection of short stories as I do not have the patience to write an entire novel. Why don’t you write the story as a novella and then see what happens..?

    1. archaism says:

      It’s likely to be a novella, really, unless the detailing and extra plot grows in the latter half as it is in the first.

      Regarding the Trees, I finished my final draft today. I shall be sending it to a variety of locations after a hiatus from contact and final proofread.

  2. Phill Smith says:

    Are you familiar with the Snowflake method of writing books? I 100% recommend it as you are massively more likely to actually finish the project than if you just sit down and start writing which is, IMO, the big lie of writing. It is basically a formalisation of the process of setting, solving and refining the characters and story logic. It’s very good, definitely worth a google.

    Don’t wait till Nanowrimo.

    The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now. Believe me, November is way down the list.

  3. archaism says:

    Oooh – the Snowflake method looks really interesting. I shall have to research further and give it a try. The primary story arc is already there in my head from the times I’ve explained the idea for the epic poem, but there could be more detail.

    The waiting till Nanowrimo has felt like a dodgy idea, if I’m honest. It feels like the story is wanting to come out now.

    I shall start getting some of it out now, after a bit of planning.

  4. Phill Smith says:

    I can’t praise Snowflake enough, although I haven’t actually finished any of my novels yet, that is just because I’ve been too damn busy doing everything else in the world. Pretty good excuse huh?

    Anyway, give it a cursory peruse then get writing!

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