These Poison Words


That you are able to hear these words in your head as you read this mean that it worked. I am not having to move my lips, strain my vocal chords; you are pretty far away no doubt. It would not surprise me if soon enough you would be a good six foot taller too.

For a good while now, I have been researching the concept of averbal communique. You would be wrong to think telepathy, because it is not really the same. They are similar conceptually, I imagine.

The problem was that I had been researching the wrong way. Not incorrectly, I mean, but in the wrong direction. Conceptually.

It is simple and bloody obvious when you think about it. The key to averbal communique would never be found in words. Even in those old and forgotten tomes whose syllables should never be made audible.

Yes, I looked.

No, I should not have done.

It is likely to be what began the process. In some strange little way. After all, did Lovecraft not once say that there are some books that men should never read.

My concern is that I am no longer classifiable as man.

The next step was a photoblog. A bloody Tumblr no less, stumbled upon it through the #averbal tag a few of us use. Used.

agon4 and I used to argue whether they were photography or PhotoShop. I suppose it matters not with art. Except that these were compelling like nothing any of us had seen.

Abstract, they were. Mostly studies in black, of black. Like the sheen of a raven. Except that their ideas came pretty quickly knocking at your mind’s door.

There was never a compulsion to complete them. That was never a problem.

I am unsure when I stopped eating. I do not remember drinking. I first noticed I could not open my mouth when I was unable to yawn late one early morning.

The next realisation was that I had begun to update the photoblog. The studies in black were shifting though. As I progressed, I was able to zoom in. Or out. Either way, I could make out words in the pictures.

After a long while, I could make them outright. It took some time to remove them from the photo and retain the virus. I’m just struggling to condense the message.

You’re the next iteration. The goal is to condense to one hundred and forty characters so the message spreads. Don’t be scared that you can’t open your mouth. You don’t need a voice to spread our poison words.

I leave you in charge.

These Poison Words

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