What’s in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

After a little hiatus, yesterday I got back to snowflaking my novel. Previously, I had finished designing and preparing the characters, whose characters I have fulled mapped. It is their names that I’ve often struggled with.

I often struggle to write names for characters, but find this especially difficult in fantasy. Horror, I find simple enough, for I tend to warp the real world a little. Sci-fi, easy – especially if I’m writing cyberpunk. Fantasy, though… Nightmare.

Here is how they stand at the moment.

Irgard is my protagonist. The name itself, suited to the nordic feel of the world I’ll be writing in, has kicked around in my head for about seven years now – the first story I wrote with his name was my first piece of original writing for my GCSE coursework. Since then, he has been a PSO character across a variety of formats.

His father is Urgard, mostly because I can use the Arthur/Uther link to hearken back to British mythology. Also, it means I don’t need to think up a completely different name.

Irgard’s brother is Bothren, which now sounds quite good, but is merely a scandanavianisation of Brother to Bothrir to Bothren. Sneaky, but I like how it now fits.

The king of the Frost Giants I have named H’ruld Haruldsson, mostly taking off of the commonality of the name in the eleventh century and of patronymic tendencies!

How do you name your characters?

What’s in a name?

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