If you’ve come here on Orion Books’ recommendation, then this is the entry you want. Either way, read on!

It’s getting towards the end of the year*, and so understandably the patience of myself and my charges, and our motivation, is at the lowest of their ebbs.

Yesterday I was particularly frustrated, due to a number of disparate and diffident factors, and unfortunately darkened my girlfriend’s evening with my penumbral grouch.

At least, until after dinner.

Last year, I was living off my training bursary and was having to play with pennies to get my rounds in at the bar, to quote Turner. It meant I had painful little money (let alone too little time) to spend on my hobbies. As such, one of the things that I really enjoyed doing, cooking, became my greatest hobby. I couldn’t not eat, so I allowed myself to escape whilst doing so.

Yesterday’s gloom was something that could only be pierced through cooking, and the direct form of it was suggested when I saw an advert for the new Waitrose Love Life range (specifically, the second picture on the left of the banner). I’m not known for being immune to advertising** and as such it affected dinner. Alas, at least I did not go directly to Waitrose, nor indeed at all.

Last night I refocused by cooking a Thai style prawn curry. My favourite thing about the whole process? That, with no recipe, I had never cooked it before.

* Academic, of course.

** Rather, the inverse.


2 thoughts on “Frustration

    1. archaism says:

      I must really hunt the magazine out – it’s rare that I cook directly from recipes such as these, but often they’ll inspire further dishes.

      It was the salmon that looked especially plump, but I swung for the more versatile prawns, and eventually gave up on hunting down the lemongrass.

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