Tie Me Down

As I write this, I’m very aware that I should be proofing milady’s dissertation. However, I’ve only just finished dinner, and this is a legitimate concern that I wish to raise. Either way, I’d appreciate you not informing milady.

September comes more swiftly than one would hope, and while it brings plans to reinvigorate this blog and its readership, it also brings the start of the autumn term and several hundred Year Sevens with it.

I must face these hordes tomorrow, but I have a conundrum.*

I don’t know what tie to wear.

First (second, really) impressions count, or so I’ve heard. My choice of neckwear tomorrow will inevitably shape my future relationship with a distinct subset of the prepubescent hordes that will become my form group. The sheer fact that I am willing to deliberate this much over a simple choice suggests how important appropriate neckwear selection is to me.

Tomorrow is the first day, and as such a smart event. I had my hair cut. I have put off shaving and ironing my trousers.

While I am often of the opinion that one can never be too smartly dressed, it would set a high precedent to don a bow tie tomorrow. I have to spend possibly the next seven years with this lot, and it would not do to peak too early.

I could wear my ultrathin neon tie, but thus would fall prey to the same fear. And that tie goes better with a more casual shirt.

I may opt for an old favourite, my red power tie, but I wear it so often that it’s falling apart a little around the middle, and I’m in half a mind to wear something different to mark the occasion.

I’d come to a decision, but I can always put that off.

Better get back to that essay…

* Related, perhaps, but not identical to the Fantasy Conundrum of the Day.

Tie Me Down

2 thoughts on “Tie Me Down

  1. Phill Smith says:

    You shave your trousers?

    Seriously though, don’t wear a bow tie, not because it is ‘too fancy’ but because bow ties are only acceptable if you are wearing a tux or are Dr. Who.

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