:E #fridayoctopus

For a number of weeks – nay, months – now, I’ve been summoning the Friday Octopus (and his relevant hashtag) in my tweets. Originally, it started as a humorous bit of byplay to amuse myself and a few of my more surreal friends, but since then it has developed somewhat to the point of obsession, and has begun to appear on my board at school…

Friday Octopus enters real life

The obsession continues yet further, since I have created a host of friends for him and sadistically forever separated them to different weekdays. We have Thursday Mollusc {)} and Wednesday Crustacean ,;c;, too.

I’ve (today) come up with a collective name for them all – the Weekday Invertebrates. Unsurprisingly, their hashtag can be straightforwardly worked out from the moniker.

Alas, I’m missing the Invertebrates for Monday and Tuesday. Here are the rules:

1. There must be a simple emoticon for the creature
2. It must live in, or near, the sea
3. It cannot have any bones

I’m open to suggestions – and hope to find the last two before the next cycle begins!


:E #fridayoctopus

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