The Hand of the Baskervilles

My own thoughts on the new year’s transition vary, and I don’t know how much I ascribe to the renewing of future intentions; but perhaps the lack of capitalisation in the opening clause suggest my true thoughts!

Nevertheless, the new year brings with it the coming of a new string to the bow of in that I intend to add some more academic writing to its fold. The blog is currently a variable mish-mash of literary reviews, personal writing and musings on life, peppered by political thoughts. I have written before about my intention to become a folklorist in the future, and have decided that in the manner of Playing God with Monsters and The Flaming Sword (each written by university colleagues of mine) that my own site will feature such academic writing – mostly under the folklore category.

I think that

Folklore shows the fears of society – its folklore is a reflection of that which concerns it. A society can use the freedoms of fantastical logic to express its fears and desires.

Across this year (and beyond, most likely) I shall be examining various elements of folklore from around the United Kingdom and relating them to the societies in which they exist. The first entry will be on the topic of the Black Shuck, the aspect of folklore that most got me interested in the field.

Arthur Conan Doyle was inspired by the stories of the Shuck when he wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles, my favourite of the Holmes stories. I am particularly excited by the forthcoming episode of the BBC’s Sherlock, which will retell that very tale. If you’ve not seen the latest yet, you really should.

The Hand of the Baskervilles

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