Democratic Demographic

Following a conversation with one of my friends, whose internet effusions can be found in my links on the right-hand side,* I realised that while I might think of “my readers” (for either this output or my creative writing) I do not have a particular group in mind.

The idea of target demographics is much more suited to the creation and selling of products. I accept that blogging could be considered a process of this, but much of blogging’s appeal is in its broadcasting into space. Reactions are nice, but I don’t consider my entries to be failures if they fail to garner a garnish of comments or likes. In fact, I’m usually most impressed by the stats of clicks from my site – a hit counter can interestingly increase (and it has gone above 1895), but all of those numbers might not be reading anything. If somebody clicks on something further that I’ve spoken about, I can be more sure that they have read it.

This entry is not the same as most of the previous ones. I might not have a target readership, but I have a readership. And I’m interested in learning more about those beautiful people.

I am notoriously bad at this sort of thing. It took me forever to actually write my BIO page, and even then its contents are terribly short. I think it’s because I was happy enough with the description I have given myself at the top of this page. One line is enough; what it lacks in verbosity, it makes up in resonance.

That’s your target length. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

* No, I’m not going to say which, because it relates to SECRETS.

Democratic Demographic

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