Set fire to a literary device (6)

According to The Telegraph a week ago, one fifth of Kindles go unused after the initial gifting ceremony that is usually known as Christmas. The article compares the usage figures to Apple’s eyePatch, citing that only nine percent of its owners hadn’t used it since receiving. While the way the stats have been presented are only a little misleading (after all, 11% isn’t a massive difference), I don’t think that the comparison is necessarily a valid one. Sure, each product is a hand-held electronic device very much in vogue, but their purposes are widely different.

Perhaps a greater comparison would be to how many books have likewise gone unread since their gifting at Christmas. I don’t want to look into those statistics, because I am sure it would bring on a short bout of sadness that could only be lifted by semi-silly Finnish speed metal.

I have to admit that I haven’t read some of the books I received for Christmas. Then again, I got a fair amount of them and quite often they can take a while to get through. Even my patented Read A Lot Of Them At Once tactic is only slightly useful here.

I’ve dipped in, at least.

Set fire to a literary device (6)

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