Today, my (immediate) boss approached me with an idea that I had entirely glossed over, because it was aimed at teachers of A-A* students. To think that my GCSE students could achieve so would be somewhat silly of me, which is why I hadn’t read the message in full.

My school are looking to enchance the achievement of the top cohort of our GCSE students, and as part of their preparation for the exam, we are thinking of running a series of dedicated lectures and seminars to really motivate those at the top end to develop their own interpretations of their exam texts.

I was asked if I’d be interested, naturally I jumped at the chance.

Considering the focus on exam texts rather than those covered for controlled assessment (meaning that a lecture on the Scottish Play, perhaps my forté, would be pointless), it is most likely that I’ll put a lecture together on the subject of The Crucible – after all, the context of witchcraft is an area of my specialty.

So far, I have two clear hopes.

One: to engender in the audience the same fear of witches and witchcraft that would have been felt in Salem.

Two: to include this, somehow:

I’m rather excited. I’ve already optioned a notebook for the whole process.


One thought on “Lechery

  1. A witch!! burn her!
    if anyone can inspire my friend. it is you! im not sure what fruitions that inspiration may generate but rest assured inspiration is guaranteed.

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