Research – King for a day

Hello everybody.

Despite writing of my plans to write folklorically, in an academic manner, at the turn of the year, I have yet to do anything of the sort. I’ve preregistered at the British Library, but otherwise have done very little towards it. Indeed, I’ve yet to fully register at said Library, which is suggestive in itself.

So, I’m turning my research outwards, because the little I have done has come up blank.

The phrase king for a day occurs a couple of times in popular culture, to my knowledge – having come across it in a Jamiroquai video and a reference to Punch in The Wicker Man, and since having seen that Green Day and Faith No More have musical references to it also. However, I have yet to find a solid historical or folkloric reference – not through internet searching or trawling my folklore books at home.

Thus, I turn my research outwards.

In the true manner of folklore, I enlist the hope of learning the lore of the folk who read this message: where have you come across this phrase?

I am interested in popular culture references beyond those I’ve found, but perhaps more so in stories that might have been told to you. As much or as little as you can provide will be useful – even if it is but a scrap.

Research – King for a day

2 thoughts on “Research – King for a day

    1. archaism says:

      Mostly it’s the cryptic reference from a beautiful lady in The Wicker Man regarding the relevance of Woodward’s character for the finale; (paraphrased:) Woodward comes with the king’s power, and Punch accepts to be king for the day, for only a fool would do so.

      I’ve heard of Grimm but I’ve yet to watch any. I shall hunt it out.

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