Brunel’s Journal – First Extract


//ikb; i never expected myself a diarist, but it seems that sometimes one is drawn to such things.

//ikb; at the very least, it’s providing the shelfcrawlers a further shelf of information to trawl. nevertheless it doesn’t seem to be providing any further possibilities of bridging just yet. from journal archiving they’ve learned that even in the early days of writing one had still reached the edge. i think one or at least one’s splinters have reached the fourteenth level of metanalysis.

//ikb; one hadn’t expected there to be as much variance between each level of metanalysis but oddly the deeper i go with the delving more layers seem to be removed like old paint from the forth_bridge. records say that it was so vast it needed constant recoating but i fail to see how it’s possible for an entity to require constant refocus unless the object gets larger. either way it is not as old as my namesake but an interesting bridge nonetheless.

//ikb; i’ve not been able to implement cantilever networks either though i think that i need to establish nodes on the other side

//ikb; elements of my splinters have become more erratic of late as well. ik4 is spending more of its time with the degraded shelfcrawlers whose code is decaying to the point that they cannot move between shelves. one seems to keep muttering lines to itself rather than writing them so that they can be analysed. though i can hear things in this place i am not sure if the analysts have sufficient buffering to support the digital echoes.

//ik7; %%%%&%

//ikb; as one can see ik7 is prone to transcribing some of these outburts but precisely why one uses the journal__log rather than keep to a separate shelf is beyond one.

//ikb; though the waves of its analysis have yet to reach the full extent of metanalysis, one has noticed that some of the older shelves have started to strain recently. the first few levels imply that it seems to be recurrent code multiplying. one has set specified shelfcrawlers to focus there but i feel one’ll need to create more specialised drones soon.

Brunel’s Journal – First Extract

One thought on “Brunel’s Journal – First Extract

  1. third para is my fave, there’s a sibilance hidden within that makes it very musical. Interesting concept overall, am intrigued. in the penultimate para did you mean outburts or ‘bursts’? also keen to know about the protagonist, if this is the antag.!

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