A Quaint Revival

Considering my profession, I actually have a notable impact on the progression of the English language, and this slightly implicates that.

I have a fondness for old, quaint words. After all, my blog is known for its archaism. While I use them with enough frequency in audible and written communication, it is often my desire to see the propagation of the same words. It amused my students that I’d say peculiar, and they’d soon use it ironically, but now I’ve also heard them say it sincerely.

At the moment, especially in written forms, I’m a mite prone towards mite. Not as in red spider ~, but rather meaning a very little amount. (That said, much like my “a bit” to mean “yes”, I most frequently use it to indicate an ironic understatement.)

I’d also like to bring back the “hurts” usage of smarts. I shall endeavor to more overtly include this in my speech. I think this attitude to language had led to my being called “funnest English teacher”. Clearly not the most effective.

What word or obsolete meaning do you hope to revive?

A Quaint Revival

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