A Wife of Bath

I took to translating a section of the Canterbury Tales for some year eight lessons:

There was a good wife from near to Bath,
Her random deafness was not a laugh.

Her hat was made from very fine cloth
But really they weighed quite a lot
And on Sunday they’d grace her head.
Her stockings? They were scarlet red,
And tightly tied, with fancy shoes – brand new!
Her kindly face was red of hue.
She was a worthy woman all her life,
Had as many marriages as five
(Without the flirting of her youth
But we won’t now talk of that little truth).
Gap-toothed was she, or so they say,
A headscarf too, under her hat,
And that was the size of a shield!
An over-skirt, for when she kneeled,
And on her feet a sharp pair of spurs.
She’d laugh a lot, but rarely curse.
Advice on love for bride or groom,
They say she liked her bed-room!

A Wife of Bath

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