Why are you not writing?

This post is somewhat intended as a prod to jar me back into writing more regularly. But nevertheless it’s a collation of some interesting happenstances too.

What am I not writing?
I haven’t updated this for a good long while, and worse yet I haven’t touched my novel since the start of the year. I ought to update here more often, but the real target is to have the novel manuscript complete by the summer. It’s currently just over 30k of handwritten scrawlings – I want to get the story finished so I can start typing it up, and I want to do that before the business of the summer begins.

Why am I not writing?
Well, to some extent I am.

Part of my writing-juice is going towards designing adventures and interactions for the intermittent roleplaying session I run. The Imminent Futures/IFX game is one I’ve created myself so I’m quite keen to see it go well; it showcases a science-fantasy world I created a good decade ago, and is a more reasonable output than putting off another novel.

For a few months, I’ve been attending this playtesting Meetup in London. It’s on the first Wednesday of every month, and as much as it’s an excuse for me to seek out new beers, it’s also a great opportunity to meet with like-minded folk. There’s more of a board-game leaning that I’m used to, and my natural inability to attend things without something to present means I’m invariably creating whimsical little games.

Now, these games are usually technically quite terrible, and I’m never quite sure if I should continue to iteratively refine them, or just to come up with the next silly concept. I think the next one will be an exquisite corpse style noir game. With PostIts.

Camden Fringe
Many of you already know that I am a mindreader, a magician and a hypnotist and to that end I’ll be performing at the Camden Fringe – it’s an event that’s been running for around eight years now as a counterpoint to the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, designed to prevent the utter exodus of interesting and innovative theatre from London during August.

MIND WHAT YOU READ will be at the Phoenix Artist Club on the last three days of July. I’m particularly excited to be using it as a venue.

Why are you not writing?

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