MIND WHAT YOU READ: Press Coverage

Last week, I had my first piece of passive press coverage. Not only is this the first thing to be published about MIND WHAT YOU READ (there are a few things in the works that I’m excited about), but this is the first to be written about the show that I’ve had no input in whatsoever.

What follows is a living list of all the press coverage for the show.

Views from the Gods gave me four stars:

Much like Steve Truglia in his rather more expensive Card Shark Show, Smith is constantly trying to fool us but explains how he’s getting away with it. He’s not just trying to impress us, he’s trying to educate us.

There are two brain-bending shows that look like they could be fun. Sean Smith delivers literary-slanted mind reading: bring your favourite book and he’ll ‘read’ you

— Londonist, This Year’s Camden Fringe is Bigger than Ever

The New Current interviewed me about the show:

Have you ever been on the tube and been slightly concerned about what they’re reading?
I hate to say it because it sounds like populist backlash, but the most worrying has been Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve no problem with people reading erotica – fact, I’d recommend it – but if you’re able to read it in public, it’s clearly not very effective!

Click here to read the full interview.

The Evening Standard give a couple of hints as to content:

Fully interactive magic with a literary bent. Discover what your spelling mistakes reveal about you. Learn the World’s most psychically charged word.

Once the show’s over you can log in and leave a review with them.

Time Out say:

Literary-themed ‘mindreading’ from magician Sean Smith.

I particularly like the placement of inverted commas!

In the file marked ‘other’ (being neither comedy or theatre) you’ll find:

Sean Smith presents Mind What You Read (Phoenix Artist Club, 29th – 31st July) Sean Smith is a mindreader, a magician & a hypnotist who will reveal what the things we read say about us (and he’ll “read” you if you bring your favourite book along to the show).

— BroadwayWorld.com The 9th Camden Fringe is Coming Soon!

The Resident said I was one of nine shows to watch for the Fringe’s ninth year:

Sean Smith is a mind reader, a magician and a hypnotist. He’s also an avid reader and will read you like a well-thumbed book. Mind What You Read is his fully interactive magic and mind reading show with a literary bent. Discover what your spelling mistakes reveal about you, and do make sure to bring your favourite book.

Tickets are available to buy direct from the Camden Fringe website and you can add your attendance to the Facebook event here.

I hope to see you all in July!

MIND WHAT YOU READ: Press Coverage

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