MIND WHAT YOU READ at the Etcetera Theatre

This year has been a really good one for my performing aspects – successful runs at the Camden Fringe and the London Horror Festival each, increasing numbers of close up gigs and seemingly an increasing chunk of luck. I went to a really interesting talk last Monday about marketing fringe theatre and happened to chance into the manager of the Etcetera Theatre who had a particular problem:

“I’ve had a couple of late slots open up — are you based in London?”*

The answer to that leads to an exciting announcement — I will be bringing back my show MIND WHAT YOU READ from this year’s Camden Fringe to the Etcetera Theatre.

Whilst I am really excited for the show — it’s probably the favourite of my three stage shows — reimagining it for a different venue isn’t without challenge. The Etcetera has more stage space than the Phoenix Artist Club, which is especially a bonus for the routines where I have multiple participants on stage with me. It also has raked seating instead of cabaret style set-up: both a boon and a drawback. While it makes the visibility on stage much better, I did find that inviting participants to the stage during FOLKLORE UNTO HIMSELF from the far side of the auditorium took a little bit of shuffling people around!

I’ll just need to bear that in mind.

The show was the lucky recipient of four stars and a lovely write-up from Views from the Gods and will be performed at the late (9.30pm) slots on Friday 14th and Wednesday 19th November.


Oh, and bring your favourite book.

* I’m loosely paraphrasing here so as to avoid slanderous litigation.

** That’s what she said.

MIND WHAT YOU READ at the Etcetera Theatre

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