Curds and Whey

Another Short (Circuit) Story from the Slick Thames universe, ported from

23h58; fu.kC.afé; Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, sucking Spider’s cock.

Spider’s hands crawled across the keyboard, the fingers accessing files through muscle-memory.Spider’s mind was elsewhere. (Julia’s lithe body streaming from his groin. The warmth of her mouth. The cold tip of her tongue. Particularly pleasant memories of coming across her mammaries.)

A moan from the Spider. He came right inside her.

;You could at least give me some fucking warning, Julia said. She looked up at Spider and smiled, then snaked her way up onto the seat next to him. His shorts reshifted, putting away his cock and covering his groin with a hardened gel.

;You’d complain if I did.

Their attentions focused on the lit screen in front of them. // A message had come up in the lowercorner: disturbance in a bar a few doors down. The police intercom had dispatched two local officers; 3510 and 3*443.

;Spider grinned, The punks are at it again. Got a sergeant on their arses this time: I’d love to see how they deal with his taser. His fingers crawled over the keys again, and the message fell away // a large screen of static moved in from off-screen left. Its green display code shifted from 00,00,00 to 05,22,42 and the wall of static became an image of the bar.

// There were two guys standing there: the barman was nowhere to be seen. A service unit at the end of the bar was sparking, and slowly filling the room with smoke. The larger guy still had his fist jammed into it, he was pulling back hard but appeared to be stuck. The other guy, thinner, slightly shorter and with scruffy hair, was bent over in silent laughter.

;Can you get sound, Julia asked? Rubbing her body against his arm. Slowly pulsing body from the sweet feeling of his precise fingers inside her. Cold taut nipple against the bulge of his bicep.

;This is an such old network, I’m surprised there’s still visual. This is the old optics line running through the tube network.

// The door burst open, both guys looked at the police standing in the door. The smaller guy cursed, grabbed a bottle from the bar and hurled it against the wall to the right of the door. The sergeant didn’t appear to notice, but 3510 flinched. The sergeant raised a small black tube, and pointed it at the smaller guy. The big guy was frantically pulling at the wall, but his hand was still stuck.

// The smaller guy turned and ran. The sergeant started after him, but soon checked his step.

// A beautiful face filled the screen, eyes sparkling, teeth pristine, lips luscious. The mouth formed soundless words, and a silver can appeared next to her face, slowly spinning.

;Fucking forget the optics still have ads. He turned to Julia. You feel fucking divine.

;Julia bit her lip and smiled, Doc’s given me early access to the third phase enhancers. I’m glad you like it. I did it just for you. She leaned into him and kissed him. Spider smiled, and kissed back. He pushed her down onto the seat. It wasn’t long before he was inside her.

// Sid was nowhere to be seen. His arm still stuck in the machine, Larry’s limp body hung backwards, crumpling viciously under the blows from the heavy truncheons of 3*443 and 3510.

Curds and Whey

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