FARSKY MAPPERS: a free cardgame of space-time profiteering

This game came about as the product of having run out of battery on my phone and having no lapspace on the tube. Oh, and misremembering the rules to Hand Patience. I hope you like what it brought.

It is the future. Space-freight is a multi-zillion space-pound industry. But space-shipping mega-tonnes of space-materials & goods is a time-consuming business.

Until one space-day.

Using advanced scanning technology & a largely unexplained ability to fold space and create stable wormholes, the FARSKY MAPPERS reinvigorated the space-freight industry.

YOU are a FARSKY MAPPER. Armed only with a packet of cards, you must create the shortest routes through space to sell your services for the highest space-fee.


  • One pack of regular playing cards, without jokers
  • Not even any table space (you can play the whole thing in both hands, like a space-pilot)

Aim of the Game

Fold away (discard) as much of the pack as possible.

  • No cards remain? Perfect route! Top score!
  • Three cards remain? Strong map!
  • Eight plus cards remain? Um, see if you can sweep this beneath the space-carpet.

Playing the Game

It is possible to either play the game on a space-surface, in which case you should have a distinct pile for your stock, a pile for your folds and a fan or row for your route; or you can play between your space-hands, in which case you hold the stock face down in your left hand, pile your folds face up beneath these and fan your route on top of the stock.

  1. Shuffle the pack of cards.
  2. Turn up a card from the stock & add it to your route. Continue doing this until you are able to make a fold.
  3. Folding: if you add a card to your route that matches a value with a card behind (two 3s, two Js, &c.), you may fold space between them – remove all cards between these two & add them to the folds pile. If these cards also happen to match colour, you can also fold the matching cards away because of space-efficiency.
  4. You don’t have to fold space just because you can. However, you can only fold space between the top card of your route and cards behind them.
  5. Because everybody looks the same in space, you can treat court cards (J, Q, K) as the same value for the purpose of folding. To achieve space-efficiency, the cards should be identical value or identical suit.
  6. Continue building your route until you run out of cards from your stock.
FARSKY MAPPERS: a free cardgame of space-time profiteering

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