Beneath Bastion Library: a dungeon for INTO THE ODD

For some time, the staff of the Bastion research library have refused to venture into the vaults beneath where arcana are stored. This is proving quite awkward, so a hardy team of explorers have been tasked with determining the nature of the unease downstairs and nullifying it. Their fee? Each explorer may leave with a single arcanum that they can carry.

Welcome to Bastion library.

Bastion Library Archives

Random Encounters

  1. one lernean serpent that’s crawled from a nearby duct (see Room 7)
  2. a sentient swarm of beetles (STR 19, HP0, may attack each player once with multitudinous bites d4); they scatter if they suffer Critical Damage
  3. a wandering archivist (if any remain – see Room 2)
  4. the player with the lowest WIL shudders and loses d4 HP

What is going on?
The Book of Death in Room 8 is infecting the atmosphere of the archives. If it can be destroyed, the strange feeling will dissapate and the archivists (see Room 2) will return to normal operations.

What are in the rooms?

The stairs descend into a long corridor. The atmosphere is dry and terse. All doors in this dungeon are closed – there is a 50% chance any door will be locked, which are easy enough to open but will make noise.

The point marked 6 on the map is an active Guardian Shield (see rulebook) that will push anyone back that tries to move beyond the thinnest part of the corridor. It has taken six damage from some of the serpents in the ducts.

This is the index of the archive – there is an elaborate card filing system detailing what object is where and a full map of the dungeon on a wall. There will also always be at least one of the two archivists here. The archivists are clockwork automata who (due to the proximity of the Book of Death) incorrectly assume any living thing they encounter to be a collection of file-cards stuck together. If they score Critical Damage they will tear off a limb of their target. {STR 12, DEX 5, HP 6, Arm 1; rend & file d6}

The owners of the library do not want the archivists destroyed. For each one destroyed, deduct one arcana from the successful players’ fees.

This room is a mess of unsorted arcana and dust-sheets. There are two arcana of note within the room:

Hamper of Plenty: perpetually fills with dried food that restores d4HP even above the characters’ initial HP, up to a limit of 9 – if this limit is surpassed, the character vomits erratically, losing all HP and taking d4 STR damage.

Conch of False Rest: if you take a short rest whilst in the same room as this arcanum, you feel perfectly refreshed. However, as soon as you leave the room, you lose all HP.

The rooms is empty save for a five-foot floating black sphere in the centre of the room. This has been created by a Black Hole Collider (see rulebook) that is no longer in the archives.

This room is perpetually chilled – an enormous refridgerator. There are drifts of ice in the room, but it is otherwise currently empty. For every minute the players stay in here, they must pass a STR save or pass out from the chill. The adjoining room (5a) is essentially an air-lock.

A Guardian Shield pushing back anyone approaching from the left. See Room 1.

There are no doors into this room, though a network of air ducts join this room with every other room in the location. Because of the rain in Room W, this humidity sink is actually waist-deep in water. It is the home to lernean serpents – 2d4 will be present, and if either die shows a 1 that serpent has four bodies (see beneath). The first time the players use the air ducts they will encounter a serpent; there is a 50% chance subsequently.

Lernean serpents are strange beasts; whenever their heads are chopped off (if they receive 3+ damage in a single attack), twice the number of bodies they had before will regrow. The decapitated bodies twitch and decay soon after. The flesh is actually quite tasty though smells of burned corn when cooked. {x represents the number of bodies; STR 2x, DEX 3x, WIL 5, HP x; bite d6 (only one), body-slam d4 (one per body, acts between players’ turns)}

This room “appears empty.” It is, in fact, completely empty.

This room contains the source of the dungeon’s curse – the Book of Death. If anyone touches the book (a completely empty journal) with their skin, they suffer Critical Damage when they put it down. A WIL save will recognise this after someone tries to put down the book. Anyone who damages the book with a weapon suffers the same fate. If the book is forcibly removed, it will not kill the holder. The simplest way to destroy it is to feed it to the black hole in Room 4.

In the centre of the room there is an inch-long beetle holding a Mind Probe (see rulebook). It tries to read the minds of anyone in here. It won’t leave.

Set on a plinth on the middle of the room is a Curse Ring. If anyone puts it on, they are unable to remove it. It may be removed from a sleeping body. If anyone curses within earshot of the ring, it teleports onto their middle finger.

Atop the plinth in this room is a fabulous bust of an eagle. If any of the characters are women or if any female names are spoken, the Misogynist Eagle will cry. It reminds you of something your grandmother once owned.

In the centre of the room there is a three-legged stool that is perpetually on fire. The flames of this Fire Stool cannot be extinguished but are otherwise as ordinary fire.

There was once a plinth in this room, though it has been burrowed down the middle and has since split apart. Where it has split apart, it is possible to see deep hole the width of a fist. The hole is 10ft deep, and at the bottom contains an Earth Stone (see rulebook) with a single mushroom on top. The mushroom wanted to go down.

On the far wall hangs a painting of incredible detail, showing an elaborate pastoral landscape. As the characters move about it, they can see further into the landscape, as if it were a window. There is no way to pass through the canvas.

The walls of this room are lined with lead, for in the centre lies a Weather Altar (see rulebook). The room itself is perpetually raining until somebody changes the weather. Because of this rain, the humidity sink (Room 7) has filled up with water.

Beneath Bastion Library: a dungeon for INTO THE ODD

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