Suburban Cathedral: a dungeon for INTO THE ODD

The Hook: Across town, various metal panels have been riveted into the ground. Some of these have even been found inside buildings. The panels have been put in place by a labour of molemensoon after the ground opens up in a fissure immediately beneath the panels. These fissures can be followed down into an enormous cavern five storeys deep into the earth. Out of the centre of this cavern rises a grand cathedral-like building of ruddy stone and marble.


The Truth: The panels prevent the fissures opening up further. The earth is splitting because a fissuremana living embodiment of an earthquakeis trapped within the suburban cathedral. The molemen are holding it there, trapped in a prison of tin.

It is not necessary to free the fissureman. However, the cathedral itself houses many valuable secrets.


The Map: The internal layout of the cathedral is one you know already. It will be a large public building with a mix of room sizes and shapes, and multiple entry points; a school or museum is perfect. The most important office in the building is the prison of the fissuremanit’ll be directly guarded by two frenetic molemen.

For each room the players enter, roll d6:

  1. There is a monster here. Roll d6+2 and consult the threat table below.
  2. This room is home to a monster, though they are absent. Roll d6+2 and consult the threat table.
  3. The room is empty, save for an odd sight or sound.
  4. The room is empty, save for a strange aroma.
  5. “The room appears empty.”
  6. There is something of value in the room. Roll on the treasure table below.

If players make a lot of noise, or delay for some time, roll d6: on a 1, roll d8 on the threat tablethat result enters this room; on a 2, roll d8 on the threat tablethat result is in the adjacent room.


The Threat Table (roll d8)

  1. “The air keens with a sudden pressure.” All players must make WIL saves or lose all HP.
  2. “From the direction of the further door, you hear an audible, breathless sigh.”
  3. An acrid scent tips your attention to one of the surfaces, which is coated with some indeterminate fluid.
  4. The room is darker than usual, save for a dancing humanoid glowing with dull light; it is in fact the lure of a CAVERN ANGLER (Str 18, HP8, d12 bite; driven to eat sources of warmth, swallows characters whole with Critical Damage.)
  5. A shapeless body on the floor is the home to a swarm of LEATHERWASPS (Dex 13, HP10, Armour 2 {because of swarming behaviour}, d4 sting; driven to escape into open air, lays eggs in victim on causing Critical Damage that slowly dessicate the victim’s flesh over a fortnightthe skin becomes a leathery shell for the adult wasps).
  6. Smack of d6 JELLYFINCHES that float through still air (Str 4, HP1, d10 beak; driven to crack open small, hard things).
  7. Chamber with d4 SKYCRABS moving through space on long, filament legs. (Str 9, HP4, Armour 1, d6 claws; driven to protect their territory).
  8. d6/2 MOLEMEN (HP2, d6 claws; driven to stay hidden).


Treasure Table (roll d10)

  1. Bag of Infinite Rats (single use)
  2. Hydraulics Bottles
  3. Dressed skycrab (very tasty)
  4. Baudrillard Hauberk (attacks on you are Impaired; take d4 damage when you move)
  5. Portable Portal (the size of a shield)
  6. Skeleton Key (only capable of locking doors)
  7. Niall’s Covetous Unguent
  8. d7 Artefacts of Impractical Shape (valuable to collectors)
  9. One cicada, bound and gagged
  10. Antique chess set


Suburban Cathedral: a dungeon for INTO THE ODD

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