Why delve?

  • A – You don’t know another way to make friends.  When did you realise this?
  • K – You can use this as an outlet for your rage.  How do you otherwise keep on top of it?
  • Q – You lost a relative to this search.  Why can’t that happen again?
  • J – You have to be the first to find Rico.  What do you have to give her?
  • 10 – You seek a rare material.  What do you hope to turn it into?
  • 9 – You need to prove your theory.  What piece of evidence is missing?
  • 8 – You are the strongest, the most worthy.  Who is the strongest?
  • 7 – You soon will die.  What will be your legacy?
  • 6 – You want to see the subterranean sights.  What must you see before you die?
  • 5 – You have been tricked into this.  How can you make even?
  • 4 – You want to be the most famous hero.  What do you have to prove?
  • 3 – You want to prove Rico’s “findings” a hoax.  Why won’t you let this rest?
  • 2 – You are engaged to Rico.  Where did you propose?
Why delve?

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