TROLL&GOBLINZ – an orcun drinking & gambling game

Sometimes I get odd little mechanics stuck in my head and they sit there a while until eventually coming to fruition. This summer just past, during a bout of frustrating insomnia, I finally locked together a few things and came up with a little dice game.

TROLL&GOBLINZ is written in collaboration with Buttgust, an orc. It’s a quick game for two or more players, where you bet on the outcome of a symbolic bout between a troll and two goblins. You’ll need to get a pair of four-sided dice and one eight-sided dice, but the game itself is completely free. Better than that, it’s been written by Buttgust himself and spares no detail.

If you want to play TROLL&GOBLINZ, you can download the PDF for free here.

You'll clearly just have to download a copy.
See, Buttgust is very polite

If you like the ideas behind that, you should really check out CON’S PRIAL. It’s a collection of three somewhat silly storytelling games with cards. The collection is three pounds for as many games – CONJURORS! where you play turn of the century magicians, CONSTITUENTS OF R’LYEH that combines the Cthulhu mythos with political machinations, and CONTEMPT FOR THE OGRE-POET that became a finalist in Game Chef 2014.

You can download CON’S PRIAL in PDF form immediately upon purchase.

Let me know what you think.

TROLL&GOBLINZ – an orcun drinking & gambling game

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